Diversified Portfolio
Real Estate Fund Manager
Elysium Asset Management is Georgia-focused real estate investment fund manager offering investors opportunity to tap into diversified portfolio of real estate assets through private equity fund investment vehicles in Georgia.

Elysium Asset Management is a partnership with solid financial, investment and real estate experience in Georgia. The company was incorporated in 2021 as a Joint Venture of Alpha Capital Holding LLC and Colliers Georgia LLC. Elysium Asset Management registered with National Bank of Georgia in 2022 as a investment fund management company.


Our Business Lines

  • Investment Management
  • Asset & Development Management
  • Property Management

Alpha Capital Holding LLC


Alpha Capital Holding LLC’s partners are co-founders of Alpha Capital Advisory LLC, a leading independent investment banking house in Georgia providing independent and unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions and a culture committed to one goal – delivering superior advise and results for its clients. Alpha Capital Advisory is committed to playing an active role in the development of capital markets in Georgia and is a licensed brokerage firm by the National Bank of Georgia.


Colliers Georgia LLC

Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 64 countries, Colliers 17,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert real estate and investment advice to clients. Colliers entered Georgian market in early 2014. Local team of more than 50 professional has 15+ years of experience and expertise in property market. Its core services include Valuation and Advisory, Development Consulting, Research, Construction and Brokerage Services. Company is active in Land, Residential, Office, Retail, Hotel, Industrial and Logistics sectors. Providing independent and unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions and a culture committed to one goal – delivering superior advice and results for its clients.

Our Offering

Opening alternative investment opportunities and offering international best practice and expertise in Georgia’s real estate and investment fund management.
  • Alternative investment opportunities in Georgia’s real estate sector;
  • International investors’ exposure to Georgia’s real estate through the fund structures;
  • Local investors’ diversification possibilities in Georgia’s real estate via simplification of investment;
  • Deep expertise of the local market to offer unique investment possibilities.

Business Principles

Property Management
‍Create stable cashflows and attractive total returns by implementing a core investment strategy with long-term growth potential.


Acquire, develop and manage a diversified real estate portfolio.


Focus on high quality assets with strong exit potential.


Levan Tsutsunava
Levan Tsutsunava
Levan has worked in international banking for more than 20 years. He has experience in trading, risk management and general management. Levan started his career within risk management.

He has led several teams at both ABN AMRO Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in various locations (Amsterdam, New York & London).

After a successful career within risk management, Levan joined ING Bank in Amsterdam as a Senior FX Options trader, where he was in charge of Japanese Yen trading book, SME portfolio and complex FX derivatives transactions.

Prior to co-founding Alpha Capital Advisory, Levan was heading the Treasury and Financial Services department at TBC Bank.
Giorgi Asatiani
Giorgi Asatiani
George is senior construction, finance and operations executive with more than 20+ years’ experience of managing operations and finance in Banking, IT and Property sectors.

George has received his education at the European School of Management and at the Harvard Business School.

George has joined Colliers Georgia in 2014 as a Partner and Head of Construction Services, managing team of local and international engineers providing project management and building monitoring services for the projects of more than 300k square meters in volume and $250m in development value. George has also overlooked operations and finance for the company. George’s previously has also served as a top executive at Bank Republic Société Generale, UGT and Business Association of Georgia. George was also Head of Urban Development Agency (Chief Architect) at Tbilisi City Hall and board member of Tbilisi Development Fund.
Irakli Kilauridze
Irakli Kilauridze
Irakli is a senior real estate executive and entrepreneur with 15+ years’ experience leading real estate investment, development, sales, construction, and turnaround operations.

He successfully built and managed high-performance international teams to facilitate and close large real estate transactions in Georgia.

Irakli has received his education at the European School of Management and at the Harvard Business School.

Irakli is also a Member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) in Property Finance and Investments.

Irakli has joined Colliers Georgia in 2014 as a Partner and Managing Director. His focus is overall management of the company and key accounts management. Irakli’s previous professional career includes successful turned around of the largest private residential developer in Georgia, in value of around US$200m. Irakli has also secured and invested over US$130m from private institutions to support the successful completion of large ongoing real estate development projects, raised over US$100m in additional funding with IFIs, when he served as a CEO of Real Estate Investment Fund in Georgia.
Irakli Elashvili
Irakli Elashvili
Irakli Elashvili has more than 20 years of working experience covering management consulting in Georgia and banking & investment banking in United Kingdom, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Additionally, Irakli consulted on World Bank’s pension reforms and related investment topics in Georgia and Egypt.

Irakli’s recent career in Georgia involved serving as a Chief Executive Officer in TBC Capital LLC and later in FINCA Bank Georgia JSC and co-founding Alpha Capital Advisory LLC and Alpha Capital Holding LLC.

Irakli is a seasoned general manager with high-profile leadership and investment banking roles that involved business development, turnaround, rapid growth, value creation and strategy elaboration and execution. Irakli also led execution of numerous market-leading capital markets transactions in Georgia, Europe and Azerbaijan supporting attraction of local and international investment into Georgia’s capital markets.

Irakli holds MBA from London Business School.